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Painter For A Day

Have a to-do list that just can’t get done? Looking to put a new coat of paint to spruce up the living room, or touch up the exterior of your house? We know how hard it can be to get to those small projects that don’t require a whole crew, but require more time and expertise than you can provide. That’s why we’re proud to offer our Painter for a Day services.

With our Painter for a Day service, one of our professional painters comes to your house with all the necessary supplies for up to eight hours of work. 

Finish Exterior painting

Hire a painter for a day to:

  • Paint a guest bathroom or a kitchen

  • Touch up interior trim

  • Paint exterior trim, shutters, doors, soffits and fascia, and more

  • Pressure wash exterior surfaces like decks, patios, steps, and walkways

  • Perform minor repairs, such as touching up drywall cracks and repairing water stains

  • Paint up to 400 square feet of stucco or clapboard

  • Do a combination of jobs for up to eight hours

Painter for a Day: $400 (plus materials)

Rate does not include the cost of any paint or materials and they will be added to the final invoice.  Daily rate is for one (1) painter for eight (7) hours.  If projects takes more or less than 7 hours the total will be adjusted accordingly (min. 4 hours).  If more than one painter is utilized on a project there will be an additional charge for the hours they work, however, this will get the project completed faster as opposed to making it any more expensive.  Larger projects will require an estimate.  

New Door Staining
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